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Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, North
Carolina, Kansas, Pennsylvania!

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 San Antonio, Texas, April 18  

The big blue bus rolled into San Antonio mid afternoon, and we parked in front of the Omega Ultra Lounge. Posters and flyers had blanketed the streets before we got there, so the whole city knew we were coming.

By 8:00, the crowd was out the door, and girls were jamming us up against the bus, they were so crazed to get in. The party was on inside and it was a hot sweaty parade of hot women and horny guys. By 11:00, we'd already cornered Christina, Nicole and Patty, and chatted them into the private party section of the bus! Patty and Nicole worked together, and Christina was visiting from out of town.

After getting better acquainted with us, Christina decided it was too hot and she shed her clothes, along with most of her inhibitions. See more of Christina here. Patty and Nicole may not have been best friends, but they got a lot closer than their mothers would like, and after some hot playing around, they finished up in our showers. See Nicole and Patty here!

It was after 4:00 in the morning before our exhausted crew could wash off the night's festivities and crawl into bed for the next go-round -- Austin, Texas!

MC Reb works up the crowd in true GGW form.
Nicole and Patty get friendly with an acquaintance.
Christina and in-town pals before she joins the bus crew.
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